The Joys of Having a Garage for your Car

Car garages for the home are a wonderful convenience, especially when you compare it to a carport or just an uncovered space in front of the apartment or home.  There are man advantages that are garage provides, including physical security and protection from the outdoor elements, and the weather.

Garages are not typically climate controlled, so they will not be heated or air conditioned, unless we’re talking about a luxury home and an impressive garage for the auto enthusiast.  However, even a non-climate-controlled garage will boast not only protection from the weather (such as not having to walk through the rain or clear ice or snow from the vehicle), but also from the elements such as bugs or dirt.

Depending on where one lives and especially in warmer climates, the concept of the carport is pretty popular.  The reason for this is that the climate is friendlier so there isn’t a need for a hard-walled structure to project the vehicles.  While this is true, you also don’t get the other advantages of an actual garage.  For example, there is no security benefit, because the vehicles are just like any other situation outdoors.  The only difference is that there is some kind of roof or minimal protection for the vehicle.

You also have the advantage of more potential storage space for one’s needs in a real garage, as well.  This is actually a very popular storage area for many people.  There are also special garage storage solutions available specifically for this need.  There is everything from special cabinets to overhead shelving solutions available for effectively storing one’s excess items in a garage.

Living with a garage doesn’t go without any disadvantages.  Probably the most fundamental cautionary aspect of living with a garage is the need to carefully park the vehicle and also to remove the vehicle from the garage.  Garages are usually somewhat constrained in size both in terms of length and width.  The width doesn’t present too much of an issue because it is most common to drive in straight.  The length does become an issue in terms of knowing how far into the garage one should pull in their vehicle.  You don’t want to pull in too much and hit something or not in enough and not leave room for a garage door to close behind you.

Because of this situation, the need has a arisen for a garage parking aid, which lets you know that you’ve driven and parked your vehicle appropriately in your garage.